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CCTV Camera Inspection Out Of Sight - Out Of Mind?

With Drain Smart’s standard domestic CCTV camera inspection, we include a full written report, colour computerised drainage layout diagram and video recording (if requested). At £135.00 plus VAT, you will not be hit with any hidden extra costs. We do our best to provide a inspection report within 24-48 hours. To see how a Drain Smart report looks like click here.

CCTV Camera Inspection explained

When was the last time you thought about your sewers and drains? Maybe never up until now. Good news, this is not uncommon. Many customers call Drain Smart because they suspect something is happening with their drains, because of a problem with an odour appearing from their drains, man hole, bathroom or kitchen. The truth is that a blockage is generally just an inconvenience – a messy, smelly emergency issue and once dealt with is the end of the story.

Why is a CCTV Survey required?

Being told your property has a damaged and leaking drain is only half the problem Drain Smart frequently inform residents of. The good news is that without CCTV camera inspection, the problem encountered, could of resulted in something far more serious if left undiscovered, as it can lead to subsidence and movement of a building.

“According to a leading specialist buildings insurer, approximately 25% of subsidence claims are directly related to defective drainage which has eroded the soil below the foundations causing the building to drop.”

With the use of CCTV camera inspection developments, has allowed Drain Smart to carry out blockage investigations in even the smallest piping systems, manholes and some of the London’s oldest drainage systems. With the footage and data received, we can accurately calculate the cost and time it will take to rectify the problem and help councils and residents to make arrangements to let us implement new drains or relining where necessary.

What can you expect from a Drain Survey service?

The video footage captured during our CCTV camera inspection is recorded on to a DVD or hard drive where we analyse the imagery for closer inspection.  A report will then be compiled including a computerised drawing showing the drainage layout where a written report will demonstrate a schedule of remedial works should any defects be discovered.

Book your CCTV Drain Inspection today

Drain Smart are drainage contractors who carry out domestic pipe and drain repairs across Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Their are numerous suspect problems that can occur with drains and a CCTV Survey is the best way to identify problems. Remember drain systems work very hard to move 100′s of different fluids that run through them everyday.  Some of the UK’s drain systems still use old Victorian piping which can be over 100 years old. When deterioration occurs, it generally means excavation is required to replace old drainage with new plastic piping.  So why not ring our drainage engineers to book your CCTV Survey Inspection today.